Death Valley Wisdom Journey

March 16th - 19th, 2018


All too often, the tension of modern living has us feeling stressed as we run from one thing to the next, multi-tasking and feeling overwhelmed. We rarely slow down to experience ease and calm in our lives and lose touch with our own inner sense of self, our spirit.


Indeed, there is a way to clear away the density of physical, mental and emotional discomfort and move beyond what has held you in place for so long.  





Are you seeking some space to unravel stress, unplug from technology, ease your nervous system and relax tension in your emotional, physical and mental body?

How would you like do it all while experiencing some of the most breath taking landscapes California has to offer?



                           Coming together in community

                           Coming together in community


Join us as we travel beyond the shadow of Mt. Whitney to the vast ancient sea bed of Death Valley National Park, with nature immersion walks and a sunrise drum meditation designed to relax your nervous system and reconnect you with your own sense of inner peace and clarity.



•    Get close to Earth and calm your nervous system with quiet reflection time and nature immersion walks through colorful slot canyons.

•    Deepen your connection with the nurturance and therapeutic qualities of the natural world with a sunrise mountain-top drum meditation to honor your own innate wisdom and restore clarity on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

•    Learn simple breath and mindfulness practices that encourage states of inner peace and stillness as you welcome these qualities into your daily life.

•    Connect with like-minded friends through shared experiences and be in a safe group energy that sends lasting positive ripples into all aspects of your life. 

  • Recharge your body with delicious organic meals and cleansing teas as you take in panoramic views of the vast mountain ranges and valleys.

 Welcome home!

Welcome to your most authentic and natural way of being!

                          Death Valley Sunrise

                          Death Valley Sunrise


Death Valley is located east of the Sierra Nevada mountains just beyond the shadow of Mt. Whitney (the highest peak in the contiguous United States). The terrain descends deep and slow into the Earth to the lowest elevation point in North America making it an extraordinary place to feel held by the earth and grounded in nature!


The vast panoramas of valleys and mountains appear at first, awe-inspiring and desolate. But in quiet stillness, Death Valley reveals new ways to connect with nature, offering insights as you journey inward for clarity and guidance.  With daytime averages of 82 degrees this time of year, you’ll get to explore some of the deserts hidden treasures in ideal weather. 




As a guide, my goal is to provide just the right balance between group activities and time for individual reflection.  Therefore, our itinerary will have some flexibility depending upon group needs but will include the following optional activities:

  • Sunrise drum journey meditation atop a mountain which looks down upon vast expanses of desert below.


  • Additional drum meditations, song and fire ceremony to assist in clearing energy and connecting with the natural landscapes.


  • Up to 8 mile round-trip hike through lesser-known colorful slot canyons with pack lunch.


  • Cultivating a sense of community through shared cooking and meals. Meal preparations are a fun, shared experience but are not mandatory.



The cost for the event is $235.00 per person and is a base cost which includes:

  • Nine vegetarian, high quality and mostly organic meals starting with dinner on Friday, March 16th and ending with a lunch to go on Monday, March 19th    
  • A full outdoor kitchen including stove, cookware, eating utensils and dish-washing station 
  • A group campsite for the nights of March 16th, 17th and 18th
  • Entrance to Death Valley National Park
  • Firewood and extra drinking water 


Additionally, a welcome aboard letter is emailed out to confirmed participants along with trip details (including, weather, what to bring, how to prepare, itinerary and possible car-pooling options).  Keep in mind that during the event, we will be carpooling to the various sites of interest within the park.



The event cost of $235.00 does not account for additional services that Justin will be offering such as nature walks, drum meditations & ceremony, logistics and event planning. Therefore, prior to ending the event, a donation box will be available in which participants will have an opportunity to donate anonymously in the amount they are comfortable with.  A suggested donation between $75 - $300 is recommended (but not mandatory) in addition to the $235.00 base cost. 


Justin personally receive these donations from a space of deep gratitude, as it is your support which allows him to continue sharing with you all, the extraordinary healing qualities of our breathtaking landscapes here in California. 



               Darwin Falls (a short drive from camp)

               Darwin Falls (a short drive from camp)

We will be staying at the privately-owned Panamint Springs Resort which is located just within the Western boundary of Death Valley National Park.

Our campsite looks out upon a literal vast valley of rocky and sandy desert terrain to explore.  Our accommodation will be a large group campsite with showers, toilets and running water a short walk away. Campfires will be allowed.

There is no cell reception at Panamint Springs, we will literally be unplugged from technology for most of the trip, Yay!  However, we will most likely pass through a few areas on our trip with cell phone connectivity.

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like more information or are considering joining us for this rewarding and memorable event.  

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Justin Spyres is a mindfulness mentor, nature immersion guide and neuromuscular therapist who connects people to a space of calm and stillness within themselves as they navigate their day to day lives.

 Throughout life traumas and hardship, he found solace in and embraced the healing qualities of the natural world.  He is the creator of the Spirit Alignment Program, which helps clients discover the wonders of nature, harmonize their inner and                                                                                outer worlds and retrain their nervous system for                                                                                           greater love, joy and ease.