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Spiritual Journey To Pinnacles

  • Pinnacles National Park (map)

The modern world often has us running from one thing to the next, multi-tasking, feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. This greatly impacts our ability to experience ease and joy in our lives and causes us to lose touch with our inner sense of self, our Spirit.


If only we could clear away the density of physical, mental and emotional discomfort and move beyond what has held us in place for so long.


There is good news!  You have an opportunity to do just that.


Are you seeking some space to unravel stress and tension in your emotional, physical and mental body?


Are you feeling that subtle inner calling to return your natural state of unconditional love, joy and gratitude?


Join us for deep relaxation among the mystical towering rock formations of Pinnacles NP with mindfulness based breath work and meditation designed to relax your nervous system, connect with your heart and welcome greater joy into your life.


•    Get close to Earth and her elements through fun nature immersion and forest bathing activities.

•    Deepen your connection with the nurturance and therapeutic qualities of the natural world through basic ceremonial & sacred practices that honor indigenous wisdom and bring healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

•    Learn simple breath and mindfulness practices that encourage states of inner peace and stillness as you welcome these qualities into your daily life.

•    Connect with like-minded friends through shared experiences and be in a group energy that creates lasting inspiration and positive ripples into all aspects of your life. 

 Welcome home!

Welcome to your most authentic and natural way of being!


Indeed, the area of Pinnacles is a very special place.  Located along the San Andreas Fault, the rocky peaks are remnants of an ancient volcano and have served as ancestral home to the massive California Condor and other high flying, majestic birds.  The subtle energetic presence of indigenous wisdom combined with powerful, life affirming energies of the natural landscape makes Pinnacles an ideal destination to unwind and harmonize your inner and outer worlds.

The Autumnal glow and colors of early fall will be in full effect during this very special season of transition and inward focus.  Currently on our planet, so many are being asked to makes changes and let go of what is no longer in their highest good and the timing of this gathering will gently support you in that process.

This two night camping experience will include:

•    Six vegetarian, high quality and mostly organic meals offered from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.  Meal preparations will be a fun, shared experience but is not mandatory. 

•    Entrance to the park and camping for both nights.

•    Participation in all nature immersion activities, meditations, hiking and ceremony.  All group activities are optional and there will be plenty of opportunity for personal exploration and time in nature.




Justin Spyres is a neuromuscular therapist, mindfulness mentor and nature awareness guide who connects people to a space of calm and stillness within themselves as they welcome Spirit in their day to day lives.

 He is the creator of Spirit Alignment Therapy, a unique approach to joyful healing that helps clients discover the wonders of nature, harmonize their inner and outer worlds and retrain their nervous system for greater love, joy and ease.