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Nature Immersion Adventure: Stop Overwhelm and Welcome Greater Ease

  • Fall Creek Felton, CA 95018 (map)

Are you ready to retreat into nature?

We live in such a fast paced society where we’re running from one thing to the next, multi-tasking and often in states of overwhelm and fight or flight. This has a huge impact on our ability to experience ease and joy in our lives.

Are you needing some space to unravel stress and tension in your emotional, physical and mental body?

Nature is a great healer and has been proven to harmonize mental activity and reduce stress producing hormones.

Come experience deep relaxation under the tall trees with mindfulness based breath work designed to heal your nervous system and welcome feelings of deep peace into your life.

If you need to just get away to nature to maintain your sanity, then you’ll love this guided nature experience that includes: breath work, body-awareness practice and deep nature connection.


During this joyful gathering, you will…            


  •  Learn a powerful yet simple 5 minute meditation technique to calm your mind and relax your body.


  •  Gently bring your nervous system back to state of harmony and balance.


  •   Bathe in the forest air as you connect with like-minded people and welcome life affirming thoughts & feelings into your life.


  •  Discover how to connect deeply with nature to improve mental states and promote healthy psychological & spiritual development. 

Science shows that phytoncide particles released by trees reduces stress, improves work performance and cultivates a greater sense of inner peace and belonging.



During the event, we’ll be strolling along fern lined rock walls as we make our way up Fall Creek canyon, stopping along the way at different stages of the journey to get still, and learn ways to deepen your connection with the natural world. You’ll be held in the cradle of a vibrant and protected temperate rain forest where the waters should still be flowing in the creek.

It wasn’t merely coincidence that the land at Fall Creek was set aside and protected. It carries a harmonious resonance that you can feel.

There is a wonderfully therapeutic quality to that specific area and I’ll show you how to welcome in those beneficial energetic attributes of the forest and trees to help you experience joyful stillness and return to a natural, more balanced way of living.

You can RSVP on or reach out via my contact page



Come ready to relax!

Bring comfortable shoes to walk in. Dress for comfort, you could wear yoga type clothes or even sweat pants. You may come in contact with a small amount of dirt which is part of the adventure.

Bring a small blanket that you don’t mind getting dirty, a small back pack, a bottle of water, a clipboard with paper or something else to write on and a pen. If you’re unable to bring these items,  there should be some extras.

Going barefoot for some or all of the event is encouraged but not required. The trails along Fall Creek are often smooth and barefoot friendly.

There will be some casual walking and a portion of the trail has a decent size slope. We will walk a total of 1.5 to 2 miles.