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Drum Journey and Mindfulness Walk in The Redwoods

Amidst global unrest, is nature calling you home? 


What if I were to tell you that walking quietly in nature, breathing deeply and resting into the gentle rhythm of the frame drum can help you quickly relax into a calm meditative state and feel at home in your body…


It is from this grounded space that we connect with our intuition and wisdom as clarity allows us to finally release old patterns, behaviors and thoughts in a gentle way.


If you’re ready to find a safe place in nature where you can feel comfortable in both releasing tension and relaxing into a deeper state of meditation, then you’ll definitely want to consider joining our group of like-minded friends for this special event.



This unique experience will include:


• Silent time in nature to clear the mind, get still and clear out thoughts and emotions that keep you in a holding pattern so you can create greater ease in your life.


• A simple nature-based mindfulness activity that will welcome the healing qualities of nature into your life as you become more grounded and feel at home in your body. Science show that fragrant aromas released by trees and plants boost immunity and promote positive feelings.


• Tea service with therapeutic herbal teas designed to work with nature’s plant medicine and support your health and wellbeing.



In addition, you’ll also have a chance to experience the Drum Journey Meditation to support your physical/mental/emotional health in a wide range of ways that include:



• Gently guiding the brain into relaxed states of theta

• Harmonizing biological rhythms such as sleep cycles

• Connect you with your creativity and intuition

• Calming the nervous system and reducing stress related hormones

• Unwinding muscular tension



Participants continuously report on the benefits of these nature walks. The direct feedback I’ve been receiving includes surprise at how quickly the drum journeys create deep calm, a sense of peace and feeling “at home”.

Welcome home!



This will be less like a hike and more like a casual stroll through the woods with stops along the way.  There is no major elevation gain and roundtrip walking distance will be 1.5 to 2 miles total.



To RSVP, please feel free to reach out via my contact page under general inquiries



Abundance Exchange  $10



Comfortable shoes to walk in
Layers of clothing in case of cooler weather or rain
Small backpack
Small blanket for drum journey meditation in nature
Favorite Mug!
Tea (I'll also be serving therapeutic tea from an organic herb garden)



Please plan on arriving about 15 minutes early as we will depart the parking lot (en route to the trailhead) promptly at 1:00pm.


Your friend and guide,