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Sunset Drum Journey and Live Channeling of The Akashic Record

  • A Private Residence Aptos, CA (map)

Sunset Drum Journey and Live Channeling of The Akashic Record


Sorry everyone, this event is booked up.  Stay tuned for future upcoming events and let us know if you're interested in this type of experience.


Wednesday, April 18th 6:30pm-8:00pm, Donation


An invitation to experience and co-create community in a safe and welcoming environment


Join Renee and Justin as we connect with the nurturing frequencies of both the Earth and Cosmos through the sacred rhythms of the frame drum and channeling of the Akashic Record



• Panoramic views of the ocean at sunset
• Gentle guided meditation with the frame drum
• Live channeling of the Akashic Record
• Sharing space together and making friends
• Tea and light snacks


This event will be held at a beautiful private residence overlooking the Pacific Ocean at sunset in Rio Del Mar/Aptos, CA.  Location details and directions given at time of RSVP.



• Gently guiding the brain into relaxed states of theta
• Harmonizing biological rhythms such as sleep cycles
• Connecting with joy, gratitude and a space of calm
• Healing on an emotional and spiritual level
• Calming the nervous system and reducing stress related hormones
• Unwinding muscular tension
• Healing of repeating patterns


Through the rhythmic vibration of the frame drum, Justin supports you in deepening your connection with the earth and natural world. Opening to the frequencies of the Akashic Record, Renee delivers heartfelt messages of wisdom as you awaken to your path.


We are honored to share in this profound and healing evening with you!



Renee Rowe is a gifted Clairvoyant, Channeler of the Akashic Record, Empath, Medium, and Guide to those who are going through challenging life/spiritual transitions. Renee has taught over 100 classes and workshops in the California Bay Area and works internationally as an Intuitive Healer. As an advanced channeler, her Akashic Record channelings have been regularly featured in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Renee provides a loving space for healing and awareness so that you can integrate clarity, be in alignment, and create a life of deep fulfillment.




Justin Spyres is a spiritual mentor, nature guide and healer who connects people to a space of calm within themselves as they navigate their day to day lives.  His presence naturally helps others feel welcomed and at ease.Justin has a unique gift in finding those special places in nature that support healing and has guided countless groups across California and the Southwest since 2009.  Through his insightful visions, guided travel experiences, drum meditations and healing sessions, Justin helps others connect with their spirituality, discover the wonders of nature and live in greater harmony and gratitude with our Earth and human family.