Humanity stands at perhaps one of the greatest crossroads in history as uncertainty prevails among people and the planet and often it seems as though we've lost our way.


We've lost connection with a natural way of being.


Many people struggle with feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled as their minds feel uneasy and tension arises in their daily lives, relationships, physical and emotional bodies.




This constant stress can ripple into all aspects of your life as you remain clenched in a state of contracted nervous energy.





If you can relate to the discomfort that so many are experiencing in their personal lives and the great uncertainty in our rapidly changing world,

you are not alone.



For much of my life, my inability to self-reflect and lack of awareness created continuous struggle in all aspects of my life from relationships to career, finances and health. I’ve had to journey through the depths of self-doubt, past traumas and shame.



In time, I decided to walk into nature to rediscover my own true nature.  Opening the door to inner transformation, I learned the healing arts, how to connect deeply with the natural world and follow my own guidance through sacred chanting and the frame drum. 


I offer guided mindfulness walks, nature immersion events and spiritually inspired trips to sacred sites and other areas of natural beauty around California. These transformational experiences support you in connecting with the therapeutic qualities available in nature as you release old patterns and welcome stillness in your daily life.


For more personalized support, the Individual Healing Sessions can support you in feeling grounded and relaxed in your body, give you greater awareness of what your holding in your space and bring about healing on an emotional and spiritual level.


To learn more about these sessions and other ways I can support you, click here.



Remember that you are never alone on this journey. Spirit is with you always, supporting you from just beyond the veil.


In deep gratitude and benevolent service,


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