Sacred Sierra Friends & Family Campout

Bridgeport, CA

August 17th - 20th, 2017



             Beautiful Lakes and Nature Trails

            Beautiful Lakes and Nature Trails

Important update

please read below


Recent challenges have unfortunately caused us to change this event.  This will now be a friends and family camping experience in which you're welcome to join us with the awareness that there will no longer be any structured, guided or otherwise organized activities or meals provided by Justin.  Please arrive with the necessary food and supplies to sustain yourselves for the trip.  The only shared expense will be that of the cost of the campsite itself.


With that said, there will still be plenty of opportunities to share meals and company around the fire, to explore the beautiful landscapes and spend time in nature.  Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


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All too often the tension of modern living creates stress in our lives as we run from one thing to the next, multi-tasking and feeling overwhelmed. We rarely slow down to experience ease and calm in our lives and lose touch with our own inner sense of self, our spirit.


Indeed, there is a way to clear away the density of physical, mental and emotional discomfort and move beyond what has held you in place for so long.  Much of the solution can be found in the quiet stillness of nature.  


                                   Therapeutic Hot Springs

                                   Therapeutic Hot Springs

Are you seeking some space to unravel stress, unplug from technology, ease your nervous system and relax tension in your emotional, physical and mental body?


How would you like to do it all while walking among alpine lakes, soaking in natural hot springs and breathing under the tall trees?



                                 Peaceful Nature Walks

                               Peaceful Nature Walks


Join us as we gather in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest near Bridgeport, CA as you reset your nervous system and reconnect with your own sense of inner peace and clarity.


 Welcome home!

Welcome to your most authentic and natural way of being!



the area around bridgeport provides ample opportunity to...


  • Deepen your connection with the natural world and restore clarity on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


  • Move your body, stretch and welcome inner healing.


  • Hike in beautiful natural settings as you take in panoramic views and soak in the mineral-rich hot springs.


  • Work with the planetary and astrological timing of a powerful solar eclipse to release patterns, thoughts and habits that are no longer serving you.


  • Connect with friends and co-create an experience that sends lasting positive ripples into all aspects of your life. 


                             Slopes of The Eastern Sierra

                             Slopes of The Eastern Sierra


The Eastern facing slopes of the Sierra Nevada are well protected from heavily populated areas and possess unique energetic attributes as they mark a natural border between alpine forest and the dry desert climates of Nevada.  These towering sentinels are home to pristine blue lakes, natural hot springs and high concentrations of life affirming Earth energy.


Purposefully timed on the eve of a powerful solar eclipse

The dimensional veils are much thinner during these extraordinary energy portals and you'll have a chance to work with the celestial bodies to release what is no longer of service to you while calling home your highest potential. When you consider when massive planetary bodies in our solar system align perfectly to create potent concentrations of energies that literally bend time and space (as seen with the Allias and Saxi effects), it's no wonder that civilizations throughout history held a deep reverence for these special occasions.  

                           Sharing Food is Encouraged

                          Sharing Food is Encouraged

Regarding food


While we are not providing or planning meals for this trip, there will certainly be opportunities to share and co-create delicious meals together, if and when it feels appropriate.  



If you're interested in joining our camping trip or would like more information, I'd love to hear from you.

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Greetings my dearest ones!  I'm so glad you're considering joining us for our Eastern Sierra Friends and Family Campout.  While there won't be any structured itineraries or guided events, our campout will still be a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with nature, find stillness on the eve of the eclipse and restore a sense of sacredness to your inner world.  Please feel free to reach out if you're interested in joining us.