Individual, 1:1 Healing Session



This 1 hour healing experience combines light bodywork, a deep meditation journey with the frame drum and sacred song.  Sessions are held at a dedicated healing space in a quiet setting surrounded by trees and natural light, yet located just minutes from downtown Santa Cruz. 




The Individual Healing Session will begin with light massage to unwind muscular tension and relax the nervous system in preparation for a meditation with the frame drum and sacred song. The gentle rhythm and vibration of this ancient sound, combined with a healing song, support you in connecting more deeply with your own spirituality, sense of inner stillness and wisdom you hold within yourself.


You’ll wear comfortable clothing and rest in a relaxed position




  • Deepened connection with the earth and natural world

  • Feeling grounded and relaxed in your body

  • Healing on an emotional and spiritual level

  • Greater awareness of what your holding in your space


Price for the Individual Session is $100.00


For more information or to book a session, click below to send me an email and I'll get right back to you.  


What others are saying

Justin holds a safe and sacred space for people to connect with and get familiar with that inner stillness and peace within. He has a strong connection with the frame drum and uses this connection to hold space for us as we journey deep within ourselves.
— Renee Rowe Santa Cruz, CA