Before working with Justin I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious. If I was running late and couldn’t find a parking place, I felt l wanted to cry or just give up and not go. Getting up in the morning and having my kids argue would put me in a bad mood that was difficult to shake.

Right after our first breathing activities, I started using them when I was feeling overwhelmed and they calmed me down right away. I would use them to center myself before getting out of bed and in the car or at work when I was feeling stressed.

Over time I was calmer and more connected. I wasn’t as reactive to what was going on around me and it felt like I had more spaciousness in my body and things that set me off before just didn’t have as much impact.

I have had a lot of bodywork but I tended to think that I needed deep tissue work to relax and unwind. The light touch and energy work that Justin used was extremely effective in clearing stress and it literally felt like he was unwinding my outdated holding patterns that were causing me tension. I left feeling more expanded and lighter all around.

Justin introduced me to some beautiful local nature trails and I was inspired to share them with my kids and some of my friends. It was a very important reminder of how grounded I feel when I am in nature and that I can enter a wood feeling frazzled by daily life and come out feeling so much calmer and more connected.

I had not been making it a priority in my busy life to spend time in nature regularly and now I have a weekly date with my kids to explore the outdoors together because I have also noticed how much it calms them down and connects us as a family.
— Erin R. Santa Cruz, CA

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