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Drum Journey Meditation with Justin Spyres

  • The Barn Studio 104B South Park Way Santa Cruz USA (map)

 Step into a relaxed and centered space as dramatic changes continue to occur in the world around us.


Through the rhythmic vibration of the frame drum, Justin will support you in deepening your connection with the earth and natural surroundings. The rhythm of the drum calms mental activity and soothes the nervous system so you can more easily feel grounded and cultivate inner stillness. The vibration of the drum supports the remembrance of innate wisdom you hold within yourself, allowing you to navigate with greater ease as you claim your rightful place and feel at home in your body here on the earth during these changing times.


"Justin holds a safe and sacred space for people to connect and get familiar with that feeling of inner stillness and peace within.  He has a strong connection with the frame drum and uses this connection to hold space for us as we journey deep within ourselves."


The Drum Journey Supports:

• Gently guiding the brain into relaxed states of theta
• Harmonizing biological rhythms such as sleep cycles
• Connect you with your creativity and intuition
• Calming the nervous system and reducing stress related hormones
• Unwinding muscular tension




Arana Gulch Park is right across from the Barn Studio. You will enter through a white trellis marked 104 B and walk through the garden, take a RIGHT. Upon entering the Barn Studio, the restroom will be to your direct left and the Large Studio up on your right, second door. Take off your shoes, take a deep breath and welcome yourself to relax.



Water bottle