The Spirit Alignment Program is a 2 to 3 month 1:1 healing journey that teaches you mindfulness and breathing tools and integrates bodywork, sound healing and nature immersion to support your return to well-being and balance.  Sessions often take place in beautiful natural settings that have highly therapeutic, peaceful qualities.



This integrated mind-body-nature and spiritual approach to healing can help you connect to a space of calm within yourself so that you can feel more comfortable in your body as you balance your nervous system for greater love, joy and ease.


If you’re like so many others who've felt anxious and overwhelmed in your daily life, you’ve experienced uncomfortable emotions and see how frazzled states of overload have caused challenges in your life and relationships and you're ready to create some room to breathe in your life.



Imagine learning tools to...


  • Create space in your life to integrate healthy changes so you can come into the fullness of your being and see balance reflected in all aspects of your life.


  • Transition from states of overload to experiencing greater mental clarity, finally get better rest and show up truly present for yourself and others.


  • Rise above past trauma and unchecked emotional states so you can welcome more grounded and peaceful experiences.


  • Release patterns of restricted movement in your tissues and feel at ease both in your physical body and here on the Earth.


What my clients report time and time again is that these harmonizing qualities of stillness, ease and inner-knowing begin to ripple out into all aspects of their lives allowing them to navigate from a space of clarity, calm and balance.


Right after our first breathing activities, I started using them when I was feeling overwhelmed and they calmed me down right away.  I would use them to center myself before getting out of bed and in the car or at work when I was feeling stressed.
Over time I was calmer and more connected.  I wasn’t as reactive to what was going on around me and it felt like I had more spaciousness in my body and things that set me off before just didn’t have as much impact.
— Erin R. Santa Cruz, CA

Click here to read more about Erin's wonderful success story.

If you’re wanting to finally create more room to breathe, release discomfort in the emotional and physical body and connect with your own natural state of inner knowing and wisdom, I invite you to contact me for a 30 minute Light The Way session.


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This is a 30 minute phone call in which we'll have a chance to connect more 1:1.  I’ll help you gain valuable insight and clarity as to your current life challenges at no cost to you.  We can discuss different ways the Spirit Alignment Program may support your healing journey and determine if we'd be a good fit for future work together.


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