Is Nature Calling You?

I've recently returned from a yoga journey high in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. At a beautiful, off-grid retreat center called Far Horizons, we laughed, sang and cried under a canopy of stars and giant Sequoia Redwoods.  The presence of nature was palpable and when I wandered out of the mountains and back into the vast central valley, my body was alive and buzzing with life affirming energy.  While there, a friend and gifted empath received a message from our forest friends and the following words are inspired by the message she received.

When we pause to commune with the natural world, the natural world imparts upon us its wisdom, its knowingness. Breathing the forest air, we take our rightful place upon the planet, we ground ourselves and feel at ease.  The worried mind begins to still and we come closer to the understanding that the spark of spirit, the light of creation resides in all living beings. 

The Sequoia, in particular are record keepers of the planet.  They are magnificent spiritual temples of the natural world and these sentient beings offer a deep wisdom as our spiritual companions.  Currently there is a great disconnect between the human family and the natural world and the Sequoia seek our help.

A growing number of people will answer the call as light bringers who’ve come to welcome an age of new consciousness that is emerging upon our planet.  For those of you who feel that as truth, your lives will continue to readjust as you reside more and more in the heart space, as you call in more and more of your soul's true purpose.  You will emerge as a new type of engineer and scientist and the Earth shall rejoice when the stewards of our beautiful planet offer a lending hand, acknowledging the light of Spirit present in all beings.

The time has come to put fear aside, to get still and listen to your Heart’s true calling.  You are the peaceful stewards of our communities, of the land, of our planet.  You are contributing to and supporting a cause towards the betterment of our human family and the natural world.

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