Find Your Center Amidst Changing Times

Each day the sun sits lower in the sky, light wanes. Fall crops appear and fresh grapes from the local farmer’s market seem extra supportive at this time.  The emerging autumnal glow invites our being to reflect on the events, lessons and growth of summer as our sun kissed complexions lighten. 

Among the Pinnacles, stories are written in stone over millions of years of wind, rain and fire.  The elements sculpt and paint the landscape.  Native Buckwheat turns to rusty hues on the hillsides. We pause in stillness to hear whispers of wisdom from the indigenous peoples carried on the breeze as aromas from the trees, plants and soil swirl gently about.  The nervous systems calms, clarity and ease wash over your being.  The journey inward to the dark of winter is welcomed as you attune to the natural rhythms of the season.  


Welcome home!

  I’m thrilled to announce additional offerings included in our upcoming Pinnacles trip to help you get the most in unwinding and replenishing mind, body and spirit in the sanctuary of nature.  This includes...

•    Mindful movement and body awareness workshop guided by Joanne Coppolino, gifted bodyworker and movement therapist.

•    Saturday morning sunrise hike and light breakfast among the caves and high peaks with a guided meditation for inner healing and deeper connection with ourselves.


A wonderful group has emerged for this very special event and there are just a couple of spots left.  This is your chance to say yes to positive change, to call back your joyful, most natural way of being and truly be among soul friends and family. 



For more information or to register,