Tips For Inner Calm as Drama Unfolds

It seems as though everywhere we look, we see great uncertainty.  We see the breakdown of corrupted systems that have become out of touch with what is being asked for on a deeper, spiritual level.  As collective wounds of war, oppression and suffering rise to the surface to be healed, people across the planet will not be able to tolerate the lower frequencies of stealing and lying on such a mass scale.  What I feel deeply, what sounds true is that we will make the journey, our species will cross the bridge towards a brighter future, as a new, more heart centered and benevolent world emerges. 


In the meantime, Political and other corrupted institutions will continue to be exposed and brought into daylight for all the world to see.  Please be mindful of how your emotions are triggered by external events as your emotions, thoughts and feelings ripple out and fuel potential outcomes.  One way we can ease this process greatly is to focus on areas where we can come together in cooperation and do what is in the greater good, rather than divide and disagree.

 We see an urgent call to protect the natural resources of Earth as part of a greater need to align, to re-calibrate to a more balanced relationship with the natural world. water protectors in the Dakotas plan to remain on their ancestral lands as winter approaches. Seeking supplies for cold weather, the Inyan wakankagapi otip of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have raised 1.4 million dollars and over a million supporters have checked in virtually on Facebook in support of their cause.  


For many of us, we see a need for cleaner energy; we feel deeply for the forests and eco systems that are dwindling but it is not our life purpose to be the activist.  One way to be of support is to take time for yourself and get still in nature.  Seemingly small gestures in which you nurture yourself will energetically support yourself and others.  One attribute of the current global change is that the world of unseen energy is more readily available and willing to support healing.  Connecting with an emerging spiritual wisdom that was once hidden is one way in which I support others to live in greater joy and ease.

On the individual level, the same themes are reflected. Has life somehow gotten you out of touch with yourself, are there parts of you asking to be looked at so they can be healed?  Are you feeling a need to recalibrate so you can live in greater balance and harmony?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I reassure you that  you are not alone!  



  • Remember, although we are in such changing times, your efforts to do what it is the greater good for yourself and others is supported in ways that you may not always be consciously aware of.  Access to higher wisdom is increasing.


  • Be mindful of your thoughts, emotions and feelings as they affect your life and the life of others.  Acknowledge them and be gentle with yourself when feeling challenged.


  • Get out in nature, get still and take time for yourself so you can connect with your own sense of inner calm.  This will help you make choices that are in alignment with your highest good.  


  • Self care practices and small gestures to nurture yourself and the environment that are done so with reverence and compassion will yield surprisingly positive results.  All it takes is a little willingness to be open to new experiences.


For anyone who is really wanting support to bring your body and nervous system into balance, create greater ease and flow in your daily life and deepen your connect with nature, I offer you a “Light The Way” session, which is a chance for us to hop on the phone, get you valuable support with your current challenges and explore if future 1:1 work together would be a good fit.


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Nature Immersion Walk & Drum Journey Guided Meditation


I'm honored to announce that I've been invited to help guide a meditation in Santa Cruz with Renee Rowe, a highly gifted and heart-centered clairvoyant healer.  Utilizing the sound of a frame drum, I will create a safe space for others to journey inward, ground and connect with Earth.  Renee will support you in connecting with your own guidance and intuition and bring those teachings with you to be applied to your daily life.   

Click here for more information

Be sure and head over to the events page or click below to check out my upcoming nature immersion walk on November 19th at Almaden Quicksilver County Park in San Jose, CA.  This is a wonderful opportunity to be in supportive community and welcome in the therapeutic qualities of the natural world to help you achieve states of greater calm and knowingness in your life.