Balancing Inner and Outer Worlds

Balancing Inner and Outer Worlds Through Travel, Mindfulness and Nature


I don't need to tell you that the world has lost its way, you know this already.  But what an amazing time it is to be alive, that we've chosen to be here now bearing witness to one of the greatest shifts of consciousness in human history.  What this means is that we are being asked (and sometimes pushed) to change patterns, thoughts and habits which no longer serve us. 

How is that going for you?  What is the current climate of your interpersonal relationships?  How are you relating to the world?

What if I were to tell you that taking walks and spending time in nature can help unwind built-up mental and emotional tension, change outdated patterns and harmonize your relationship with world.

One of the reasons why I started guiding mindfulness in nature trips is because of the truly transformational experiences I would have while spending time in California's breathtaking natural beauty.  I would always return home with a feeling of being grounded in who I am and would notice how this feeling rippled out into all aspects of my life as problems seemed to resolve themselves.

With that said, I have some great news! 

There are still a couple of spots open for my upcoming Inner Wisdom Journey To Death Valley  trip and I'm going to share with you some exciting information about this truly unique experience.

Have You Had Amazing Experiences Traveling and Exploring National Parks?

Sometimes hitting the open road and exploring California's natural wonders can give us the space we need and the kind of break from mental and emotional stress that we've been looking for.


Death Valley is a vast, expansive landscape and our visits to the various natural wonders will involve some driving on Saturday and Sunday. However, transportation to all destinations within the park will be provided. 


  • 1 early morning sunrise activity with an amazing view 
  • An evening drum journey meditation at camp
  • Darwin Falls nature walk, 2.5 miles roundtrip, non-strenuous
  • Mosaic Canyon nature walk, 2.5 miles roundtrip, non-strenuous
  • Fall Canyon nature hike, 4.6 miles roundtrip, moderate
  • Possible trip to the Death Valley visitors center, the lowest point in Death Valley and or an historic ghost town.


 Our walks will be casual with stops along the way in beautiful scenery to engage in activities that will help you explore inward, be at peace in nature and deepen your connection with your own intuitive wisdom and guidance.  This will include breathwork, journaling, observing nature in silence and also sharing what you observe.



The Drum Journey Meditation will use the gentle rhythm and vibration of the frame drum to guide you to a space of deep relaxation that calms brain waves and the nervous system.  As a guide, I gently help clear the energetic, emotional and physical body of that which no longer is of service to you and is ready to be released. 



We will be staying just within the park boundary at the privately owned Panamint Springs Resort.  Our large group campsite will include a calm community space set up in our cozy relaxation yurt tent to support you in grounding and feeling at ease.


There is no cell reception at Panamint Springs, we will literally be unplugged from technology for most of the trip.  Campfires are allowed.


All meals will be provided starting with Friday dinner to Monday lunch.  There will be an outdoor kitchen with all eating utensils provided. There will be coffee and wild crafted healing teas to nourish and support your health and well-being.

Meal cooking and cleanup will be a shared experience and groups really enjoy this part of sharing around the preparation of food. 

For our meal times while away from camp, we will pack our lunches, bring snacks and eat in some amazing natural settings.



 In joining us for this sacred journey, you open the door to connect more deeply within yourself, to tap into your spiritual wisdom and to bring forth a more natural expressionso you can navigate day to day life with greater balance and interact with stress in healthier ways.

Our group members come with an open heart and ready to make new friends as you clear stress, harmonize your inner and outer worlds and call in the joyful life you deserve! I hope you'll consider joining us.

Best wishes,


Click Here to find out more about this wonderful opportunity to move beyond what has held you back and welcome a life that flows with greater joy and ease.

Remember that it is absolutely possible for you to connect to a space of calm within yourself so you can feel more comfortable in your mental, emotional and physical body and navigate daily life with greater ease.