Nature Offers Support In Our Time of Need

Imagine that you’re going about your busy day and suddenly a coyote crosses the road in front of you.  Or Maybe a flower catches your eye and stops you in your tracks, or perhaps a bird appears through your window as you work.  


When these seemingly random encounters occur in daily life, there is a wonderful opportunity to connect with those insightful messages from the natural world by simply taking time to get still and reflect inward.


While such encounters may at first appear random, they are not.  Subtle messages are available through the natural world if only we were to pause, open and receive.  Although the messages are not always a deep profound realization, they are meant to offer support.

When attention is given to the memories and recollections of our time spent immersed in natural landscapes, messages and insights are made available to us. The more we pause to develop a relationship with those visions, the more we can awaken to an inner wisdom, that sense of inner peace and stillness.  That sense of belonging on the planet as we twirl throughout the cosmos and awaken to who we truly are.

Across the quiet and mysterious desert to the sweeping vistas and high mountain valleys of the Sierra Nevada, this is the message for the groups I guide through California’s sacred sites.


Remember those visions that come to you in the days and weeks ahead, pause in relationship with them in the day to day flow of life and watch your understanding of the world deepen.


Your friend and humble guide,


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