Visions Of A World At Peace

As we venture now into a new year of potential, a new year of possibility, I want to take a moment to acknowledge each and every one of you!


For just a moment, imagine with me our solar system swirling through space in the outer spiraling arm of the milky way galaxy, with our Earth and Sun swirling together in such a way as to create perfect conditions that give life to our every breath.  


Imagine our awe-inspiring Moon who mystically rules the tides of our vast oceans and waters of our physical vessels.  It is no coincidence that the Moon and Earth dance in a perfect cosmic waltz and at such a distance to create a perfect eclipse of the sun as it did across North America last August.


There is a life force that permeates the fabric of the vast cosmos which brings forth energy to every cell and atom and I want to acknowledge your soul’s beautiful journey as part of a great cosmic unfolding.  


Long before you arrived, you knew of the complex challenges in the world and yet still you chose to be here. In fact, you were the first to raise your hand because you saw the potential for humanity to change and you couldn’t wait to be a part of it.


Indeed, you bravely chose to live upon our often-troubled planet so that we may all learn, grow and heal in this great university of Earth.


For many, our days have been challenged as of late, not knowing what the world has in store when we wake. Feeling overwhelmed from the buzz of endless information and stimuli appearing in our lives, a gentle reminder tries to reach us from just beyond the veil.


I look deep within, knowing in my heart of hearts that we will make it through this time of great transition, that balance will return to our planet and our human family.  In my thoughts and prayers, I hold the vision of a world at peace and see us walking hand in hand down the path towards a benevolent future.


I see us laying to rest those old ways that haunt our being as the light of joy dissolve the darkness of division and brings forth smiles to those in need of a little kindness. 


May we lead from our hearts and co-create for the benefit of all life.  Please join me in the remembrance of who you truly are, please join me in reaching down into your soul and holding the vision of a world at peace.


Your friend and companion on the journey,