August Eclipse, Your Time To Shine Has Come

Reflecting back throughout all human history, why is it that so many of our great civilizations along with their monuments, temples and pyramids, were fixated upon and aligned with the heavens?  What was it about the cosmos and humanity’s relationship with the stars that caused their rich cultures to go to such great extent in honoring astrological alignments, constellations and other cosmic events?


Some Examples



In the heart of the Yucatan (land of the Mayan pyramids), Chichen Itza attracts growing crowds each year during the spring and autumnal equinox.  During this time, an extraordinary astrological alignment can be seen.  With stunning accuracy, the side of the temple Kukulkan illuminates a row of triangles which alternate in light and shadow forming a serpent on the side of the pyramid.



Just down the road from my home is the mission San Juan Bautista (part of the California mission system), where you can observe another alignment which involved precise construction calculations by the early catholic missionaries.  On the winter solstice, when darkness reigns on the shortest day of the year and the first rays of the sun peak above the horizon, light shines straight through the front door of the church and down the center aisle illuminating the altar.


Indeed, these questions regarding our far reaching relationship with the cosmos are important to consider in the face of such global change because when you dare to explore the unknown wonders of our own species by asking deeper questions, your own ability to find clarity, calm and balance within yourself becomes less elusive. It’s as though you’re reconnecting with a greater wisdom as the thick fog of excessive stimuli and unsettled energy begins to lighten and loosen its grip.



The time has come to connect with your wisdom, to connect with the beauty of human life on this beloved Earth and the spark of divine light that is You. 


Just as we are keenly aware to the profound effects that moon cycles play upon our planet, our waters and our bodies, let us now remember the deeper layers of timeless wisdom written in both our DNA and the starry night sky.


August brings two powerful back-to-back eclipses



Imagine our radiant sun just one day beginning to dull as light all around you changes color and it feels as though life itself is slowing down.  The birds go quiet, the trees cast crescent-shaped shadows and neighboring planets appear in the sky as though twilight is upon you.  Gravity literally warps and the ripple causes an anomaly to occur in the swing of a scientist’s pendulum (a phenomenon known as the Allais effect).


Behold, the Earth, sun and moon have come into perfect alignment. 


Can you feel a sense of remembrance awakening within you?  Surely, it is there.


The very word eclipse comes from ancient Greece, meaning “to conceal or cease to exist” as the planet literally enters a type of cosmic twilight zone.  These are powerful astrological events that absolutely effect the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of the human in profound ways.  This is precisely why our ancestors across the globe sought to honor our special relationship with the monolithic bodies of mass swirling through space that we call planets, moons and stars.


Things to know about the eclipses of August



  • The partial lunar eclipse (which occurs during a full moon) will peak around 11:20am Pacific time on August 7th.


  • The solar eclipse will (which occurs during a new moon) will peak around 10:20am Pacific time on August 21st.


  • These two eclipse periods will energetically build upon one another and everyone on the planet will be affected by these energies regardless of location.


  •  You may experience challenges in the emotional, physical and mental body in the form of mood swings, intense feelings, achiness in the body, mental fog, etc.  Likewise, short tempers, miscommunications and friction may occur with others.


  • The three days leading up to and shortly following the eclipse (in particular the solar eclipse) are also powerful energy portals where symptoms may be magnified.


  • During these events, codes of light and life force energy cause your cells to respond in a way that are similar to how plants living in shadow heliotropically seek to grow toward sunlight.  The cellular consciousness of your biology is directly affected including your hormones, physiology, auric field and what is termed the “Higher Self”.



Ways to work with the astrological energies



  • Clear time in your schedule to be still in a quiet, safe space away from electronic devices.  Time in nature can be highly beneficial.


  • Dimensional apertures will be open for you, like doorways to new levels of benevolent conscious awareness , which is the perfect time to distance yourself and loosen the grips of past habits, behaviors and beliefs that you’d like to change.


  • Remember that you have an extraordinary opportunity to work with a timeless cosmic wisdom to support you in releasing what is no longer of service while calling home your highest potential.


  • Bring feelings of gratitude into your space by considering all that you are grateful for.  Practice being of service, do for others and do practice being kind to yourself with self-care.


  • Hold the vision of healing, of inner prosperity and a loving, joyful life for yourself and our planet.



The moment to take action is now, you are the change the planet has been waiting for. In this way, you align with and participate in the planetary upshift.



In conclusion


During this great transition, it is as though the collective consciousness of humanity has made a choice and now seeks to purge itself of corrupted systems and old energies of a lower vibrational frequency.  Thus, individuals are faced with shadow parts of themselves that were previously swept under the rug and tucked away.  



The time has come to get to the heart of the matter and discover what it truly means to live this human life here on the precious blue green jewel that is Earth.




Humanity has a deep history and understanding of our place in the cosmos and we can now more easily connect to this knowingness within ourselves for the purposes of healing the self and others.


Remember, you are supported always on the journey, how could it not be so? 

Your history is written in the stars.